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Does your home need a check-up?


One of the most important things to understand as a new homeowner, is that your house requires care and regular maintenance.  As time goes on, parts of your home will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak or simply stop working. 

  An annual inspection examines the home from top to bottom; inspecting the condition and function of each system and component. 

We examine how these systems work together to provide protection, comfort, and financial security for your family.

Why have an Annual Inspection?

It is imperative to have routine medical checkups and regular automotive service. Your home deserves treatment. Early detection, and annual care are the solutions to protecting your family and your home.

Simple issues such as unchecked moisture, and water penetration can lead to costly structural damage even with early detection. 

Annual maintenance inspections allow the home inspector to monitor problems/problem areas before they become a financial or life safety issue. 

Common finds

  • Dangerous elecrical and HVAC systems

  • Roofing or window leaks

  • Foundation water penetration

  • Plumbing defects

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